Aspect Peels


Clinical Skin Peels  $125
Powerful Treatments for rapid results without the typical downtime

Pigment Punch | Professional Clarity Peel

Pigment Punch Clarity Peel is a great treatment for brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolourations. The Pigment Punch Clarity Peel combines the powerful skin renewal and clarifying action of clinical strength Beta-Hydroxy Acid to lift away the accumulated layers of dull, discoloured cells, plus the remarkable skin brightening action of optically pure Vitamin C and Tyrostat, and organic herbal compound.

Jungle Brew | Amazonian Detox Peel
If you are seeing spots, oiliness or clogged pores, the Jungle Brew Amazonian Detox Peel will fast track your quest for pure, clear healthy looking skin. This world first technology exclusive to Aspect combines the powerful skin renewal and anti- imperfection action of clinical strength Beta Hydroxy Acid which works to deep cleanse pores whilst the patented blend of 3 clinically proven ultra purifying rainforest plants work deep to detoxify, calm and perfect the look of excessively oily, congested and blemish prone skin.

Cabernet au Chocolate | Age Deception Peel
The Cabernet au Chocolate Peel is a serious yet exceptionally decadent sounding anti-ageing peel which combines clinical strength Beta Hydroxy Acid with red wine extracts and pure certified organic cocoa. The Beta-Hydroxy Acid resurfaces skin to perfection by thoroughly disengaging layers of old discoloured skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother surface with renewed clarity and radiance whilst red wine and organic cacao extracts bathe cells at the deepest level with powerful skin saving antioxidants to energise, protect and rebuild the skin.

Lactobotanical | 20% & 40% L-Lactic Acid & Canadian Willowherb
Superb clinical strength peels to full fill your quest for clear, glowing, youthful looking skin in no time at all. Formulated with the highest concentrations of pure naturally derived botanicals and high octane cosmecuetical correctives. Formulated with certified organic non genetically modified ingredients and pure actives for maximum clinical results without unnecessary irritation or trauma.

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