Luxury Facials

Gatineau Luxury Facial Treatments $295
stay younger for longer……


Collagen |                                                                                                                                                  

Contains 100% Marine Collagen to give skin hydration and moisture. Skin is left feeling plump, nourished, supple and smooth.

Therapy Marine |
Special Marine Complex, kaolin clay and sea salt are combined together in this mask to purify and remineralise. Spirulina, amino acids and plant coral to stimulate restore mineral content to restore healthy glow.

Brightening |
Contains Vitamin C to stimulate and brighten, marine algae that purifies and magnesium and calcium to energise. A specialised concentrate uses white lily extract and allantoin to brighten and soothe.

Marine |
Our marine facial contains pure marine algae which is draining, trace elements that stimulate cell metabolism and asparlyne which has a relaxing and anti-fatigue affect.

Defi-Lift |
Using Gatineau’s exclusive rituals and ultra formulas, this specialised treatment is designed to drain, lift and tone. Using complex essential and botanical oils to revitalise and gentle exfoliating agents to refine lift and firm.

Age Benefit |
Try our Mulit Award winning, ultra intensive firming facial. This treatment leaves your skin smooth. radiant and lifted. A specific and exclusive mask, using gauze and plastifying liquid to re -contour for a beautiful lifting effect.

Peeling Expert |
Gently exfoliates upper skin layers using bamboo particles. Energising complex’s used to stimulate cell renewal and encourage a healthy glow!
Can be combined with most of Gatineau’s facials to optimise results.

Collagen Eye Treatment | $35
Marine based Collagen gel which is soothing, calming and smooth’s away the tell tale signs of fatigue. Is applied with a soft velvet brush and massaged to help drain, and relive tension. Can be combined with any of Gatineau’s Facials.

Luxury Facial Packages |
Purchase any 6 facial treatments up front and pay for only 5 treatments! Some facial treatments can be alternated for maximum results.